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Customers 'furious' with TNT after cyber-attack
BBC News, 9 Aug 2017
Logistics firm TNT was hit hard by ransomware, causing months of delays.

Special specs give superhuman colour vision
New Scientist, 21 Mar 2017
A clever trick with coloured filters helps people distinguish between hues that otherwise look identical to the naked eye.

Synthetic wine made without grapes
New Scientist, 16 May 2016
A team of entrepreneurs plans to launch a strange new product - wine made by mixing compounds in a lab.

'How Ashley Madison affected me'
BBC News, 27 Aug 2015
After a dating site for people planning an affair is hacked and its data leaked, two women tell their stories.


Why pollution increases lightning strikes
Scientific American, 15 Nov 2017
Evidence suggests that tiny particles in the air, a form of pollution, increase the frequency of lightning.

How hackers are targeting the shipping industry
BBC News, 18 Aug 2017
The world relies on ships to transport 90% of all trade - but they're being hacked.

Encryption wars
New Scientist, 25 Jan 2017
Governments want to be able to read encrypted messages - should they be given access?

Haulin' data: Truckers and workplace surveillance
The Atlantic, 18 Nov 2013
Some US truckers are unhappy about the rise of new devices that record detailed data on their driving.


The billionaire vs the fly
The Verge, 16 Jan 2018
Environmental campaigners are concerned that a proposed Scottish golf course could harm local species - including an incredibly rare fly.

On the trail of Britain's cat killer
BBC Earth, 20 Dec 2016
Someone, police believe, has killed and dismembered more than a hundred domestic cats in Great Britain.

Inside the hunt for a million dollar haul of ocean gold
BBC Future, 11 Feb 2016
An American start-up has a high-tech plan to retrieve gold coins from a 150-year old shipwreck.

The 'loneliest' whale in the world
BBC Earth, 15 Apr 2015
An unusual call belonging to a whale has been heard in the oceans - but is the creature as lonely as some say?


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