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I've self-published my writing online ever since I knew what an HTML tag was. Today, I've progressed to writing for some of the most well-respected general interest science and technology publications in the world. I like the balance between news and features, too. I get ideas on the news side that might end up in features later but even the shift in pace itself is a real luxury. Some weeks I'll be chasing down the news cycle while at other times I find myself doing in-depth interviews with world experts or savvy entrepreneurs. It never stops being challenging and I love every minute of it.

...reporting on the impact of technology

For quite a while now it's been clear that technology journalism should go beyond endless gadget reviews. As more and more people express a feeling that their world has changed drastically thanks to the rise of the world wide web and the proliferation of consumer electronics, it's become necessary to go deeper. To get at that nexus between what new technology is and how human beings actually respond to it. How does it affect society? Is it for better or worse? What risks might we be exposed to? And that, in a nutshell, is what I'm constantly compelled to investigate. That's what I write about.


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New Scientist

World War R: Rise of the Killer Robots
17th Nov 2014 - Today's military hardware is increasingly automated, but what does that mean for the ethics of war?

The End of Anonymity
26th Oct 2013 - The cover story. A feature about concerns over online anonymity and the scientific research behind self-awareness.

Pre-crime software recruited to track gang of thieves
11th Mar 2015

Darkleaks lets anyone sell secrets for Bitcoin
18th Feb 2015

Peer-to-peer lending heralds mortgages without banks
23rd Jan 2015

Swimming, climbing robots explore the hostile Arctic
9th Jul 2014

Bitcoin: problems already cloud the currency's future
6th Feb 2014

Nest thermostat acquisition is Google's home invasion
15th Jan 2014

BBC Future

How to really break the internet
11th Mar 2015 - We all rely on the internet every day, but it's a vulnerable system.

The secret world of beer
11th Dec 2014 - How has modern science impacted one of the world's oldest drinks?

Google Glass's biggest test
5th May 2014 - What could stop Google Glass becoming a mainstream product?

Meet the bedroom detectives
2nd May 2014 - On the amateurs who solve crimes and missing persons cases with the help of the web.

The Atlantic

Haulin' Data: How Truckers Became the Frontier of Work Surveillance
18th Nov 2013 - A special feature in which I explore the impact of an incoming EOBR mandate on the American trucking industry.

Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks?
20th Feb 2013 - When computer hacking boomed in the 80s and 90s, it looked up to a much older sibling in "phreaking", the act of hacking telephone networks.

The Economist

Video in Demand
6th Dec 2014 - Video streaming is booming, but what technological innovations help media companies deliver high volumes of content? For The Economist's Tech Quarterly.

Hiding from big data
7th Jun 2014 - A feature for The Economist's Tech Quarterly supplement in which I discuss techniques for enhancing privacy, and whether anyone wants to pay for them.

David Cameron hates your privacy
13th Jan 2015

British survivalists are ready for Ebola
14th Oct 2014

Protesters adore FireChat but it's still not secure
30th Sep 2014

Academics protest emergency surveillance bill
15th Jul 2014

Urine analysis hoax prompts health data privacy debate
2nd May 2014



I have a good knowledge of the web languages, libraries and software listed below. My journalism skills have been honed since an early age, as I first started writing about digital culture online when I was fourteen. Since then I've actively pursued opportunties to develop my research and writing skills through training as well as on-the-job exerience. These skills are of course indispensible for my work today.

    Web design / digital
  • HTML 5 and CSS
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Adobe Design Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Audio editing
  • Social media and strategy
  • Transcription typing speed of 100wpm+
  • Excellent contact book
  • Experienced interviewer
  • Media law training
  • Fast writer, files to deadlines
  • Extensive proof-reading experience
  • Good interpreter of data
  • MS Office
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • HTML 5 / CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Audio Editing

The Machine Starts: How Information Technology is Changing Humanity Bit by Bit

In November 2010 I launched a website called "The Machine Starts". The name came from E. M. Forster's 1909 short story, The Machine Stops. In the story, inhabitants of a dystopian future live within the cells of a giant, subterranean machine that answers to their every whim and connects individuals across a neglected globe. Does that sound like the Internet to you? It does to some. TMS was an effort to document and discuss the role of recent technological change as part of the human experience. For over three years I wrote about significant events in digital culture and dealt with topics such as consumerism, technophobia, social network theory and the language of the web. A few examples of popular posts are linked to below.

Speech and the Law: Why the UK Attorney General has a Twitter Headache (24th Jul. 2013)

IRL or it Didn't Happen: Why We Still Dismiss the Digital (24th Jul. 2013)

Malice, Crime and Secret War: How "Cyber" Became the Prefix of Evil (15th Jul. 2013)

"The Wheel of the Devil": On Vine, gifs and the power of the loop (28th Jan. 2013)

How We Started Calling Visual Metaphors "Skeuomorphs" (13th Nov. 2012)

Facebook, the Projected Self and Narcissism (11th Jul. 2011)


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